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Accessible activities at Skien fritidspark


Moflatveien 38, 3733, Skien

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father and son in a wheelchair in the swimming pool in Skien leisure park
  • father and son in a wheelchair in the swimming pool in Skien leisure park
  • girl rides in an adapted zipline in the climbing park of Skien leisure park
  • curling from a wheelchair at Skien leisure park
  • man in a wheelchair drives on the hiking trails in Skien leisure park
  • hiking trail that is adapted for wheelchair users at Skien leisure park

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Skien leisure park offers various activities that are well adapted for people with varying degrees of disability.

Adapted zipline of 220 meters
In the summer of 2021, the park got a new attraction, with an adapted zipline of 220 meters and approx. 10 meters above the ground! This is an experience you will soon forget and can share with someone in your family, because it is suitable for tandem driving. In addition, a third person can run in parallel on the second cable. Rope brake and lift on arrival ensure that you do not squat on the mat on arrival.

When buying a ticket, you must remember to state your need for assistance, as well as pre-book an appointment!
There are also smaller zip-lines, but without elevator function and tandem for those who are more mobile. Here, a rope to the ground is used as a control mechanism.
Zipline can be ordered every day and time is 16-18.
Inquiries are first sent to post@skienfritidspark.no.

Adapted for climbing in the climbing wall
Indoor climbing is also popular! The climbing wall in Skien leisure park has several lines with varying degrees of difficulty and the local climbing club is happy to set up as instructors for groups that are staying with us. The club has its own instructors with expertise in "Funky climbing". The climbing wall is located in Flerbrukshallen, so you can combine it with other activities while waiting for your turn. There is also a great bouldering room in the hall. Ergo, the whole association / family can gather and have a joint activity session.
It is important to book an appointment in advance in the climbing wall, and state your need for facilitation.

Adapted for swimming
In the water park there are both HC-friendly pools and changing rooms. The therapy pool with 34 degrees in the water has a wheelchair ramp, and the wave pool of 31 degrees is universally designed. The bathing facility in Skien leisure park also has large family wardrobes and separate HC wardrobes. Roll out on the "beach" in the wave pool and take part in the experience with the family. 

Adapted for curling
Skien leisure park also has the opportunity to offer a curling experience of the rare. Curling is fun for both groups and families, and the leisure park of course has motivating instructors. Those who do not reach down to the curling stone are given slides. It does not require much power to make the stone slide, so here everyone can master.

Easy accessibility on the mini golf course
Mini golf still keeps the cook as a popular activity. Skien leisure park has an 18-hole course out on the artificial turf with easy access. A certain mobility is required to be able to carry out blows, but here it is just a matter of trying and not least being creative in their approach to carrying out. The courses of course have different levels of difficulty, but all are at ground level.

Adapted for Schuffleboard
Shuffleboard is a wonderfully exciting and fun game, which can be played by people of all ages. Many people know the game from pubs and sports bars, but this is a relatively new activity at ground level in Norway, where various discs / pucks are sent sliding across a narrow path using grab bars (a so-called queue). The goal is to get the discs to settle in the marked point fields on the opposite part of the court, preventing the opponent from scoring or performing both. You can play single (2 pers.) Or double (4 pers.) Or as a team game without limitation on the number of players. First man to 75 points! The reception in the activity park has a score card and game rules etc.

Adapted for table tennis
Table tennis is equally suitable for both children and adults, and can be easily adapted to the players' prerequisites and level. The enormous prevalence in the world - in fact the second largest individual sport - shows that this is an activity with a social feel that works for everyone, at all levels of achievement. Playing table tennis provides very good training in coordination and motor skills. Mastery comes pretty quickly, try for yourself! 


Disabled persons

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  • available for the hearing impaired
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  • suitable for the visually handicapped



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