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Håøya, Porsgrunn


3947, Langangen

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little girl on a nice beach on the island Håøya in Porsgrunn
  • little girl on a nice beach on the island Håøya in Porsgrunn
  • nice beach on the island Håøya in Porsgrunn
  • little girl on a nice beach on the island Håøya in Porsgrunn
  • the island Håøya in Porsgrunn seen from the water

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Håøya "The high island" - has as its name suggests quite hilly terrain. The mountain peak Storefjell (141 m.h.) gives a wide view over the entire fjord and the coast of Grenland all the way up to the island of Jomfruland.

The island is steep and lush, with several great swimming areas. Here there are noble deciduous forests, beach meadows and old flower meadows. Much of the island is protected as a nature reserve. In the north, the island connects to the mainland via footbridge.
The first people settled on Håøya many thousands of years ago, in the Stone Age, and lots of flint implements and notches have been found for clay vessels from this period.

Access to the island with footbridge at Vrangsund and from there marked path to the free areas Paradisbukta, School Bay and Vervebukta which have nice, family-friendly bathing beaches


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Tel: 35905520

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