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Rjukan Admini Hotel


Sølvvoldveien 3, 3660, Rjukan

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Rjukan Admini has been a well kept secret, however now it opens for the public.


Rjukan Admini was raised by Norwegian Hydro`s founder Sam Eyde in 1908, and has since been in Hydro`s ownership and a well-kept secret for many.

The building is designed by Thorvald Astrup in 1908, the epoch's leading architects and is considered today to be one of the most beautiful wooden buildings in the Art Nouveau style that exists in this country.

Now open to the public
Rjukan Admini is now in private ownership, and the doors are opened to the public.

Here is the perfect place for accommodation in beautiful rooms.

Rjukan Admini Hotel has 15 rooms, doubles and singles. Previously, only specially selected could enter Admini at Rjukan. But now YOU may live as the royalty.

This beautiful building is located in the pretty Admini-park with a short walk to the center of Rjukan.

Here you can relax and just enjoy the atmosphere.

By accommodate at Rjukan Admini Hotel you are living in the middle of the industrial history of Rjukan, and the building itself is an attraction.


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Tel: 90894909

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