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Trail from Ormevika til Odden


3960, Stathelle

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An alternative coastal path has been created from Ormevika between Rognstranda and Odden. This is partly very close to the water's edge in an area that is quite hardy. It is a fantastic stretch to walk in the summer in fine weather and can certainly be recommended as an alternative to the actual coastal path that runs along the road where all the cabins are little further to the west. Nice in season May to Sept.

In wintertime and otherwise when there is a lot of wind, or when it is slippery on mountainous parts, this trail is not recommended. Here, very large waves can come straight into land and it is easy for accidents to happen. Should one fall into the water on such a day, it will be very risky. You can park at Hydrostranda or possibly at Rognstranda.

This trip is suitable as a detour from the coastal path itself on the Rognstranda stretch to Åby. The trip is graded to a simple trip of 1.3 km. One road takes about 1 hour.


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