Explore Telemark



family on a hike in the Gausta area

Great variety of outdoor activities

  1. Hiking in Telemark
    Walk Telemark: Astonishing - safe - accessible! We present to you both short and easy walks and strenuous daytrips, from lowlands to highlands - from a local town centre to the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe - in one short trip. By travelling through the valleys, on the lakes and in the mountains you get to experience the unique and varied nature and culture of Telemark.
  2. Cycling in Telemark
    Explore hundreds of kilometers bike trails in Norway’s largest bike region – Telemark. Our huge variety of cycle paths cover everything from national routes along Telemark coastline and Telemark Canal to forest rides, mountain bike, downhill and off-road cycling.
  3. Beaches and places to swim
    There are countless of beautiful places to swim in Telemark. There are many beaches along the coastline where the entire family can enjoy a lazy summer day. Polished rocks and glittering beaches of sand are inviting you for enjoyment and recreation. Or get a beach entirely for yourself along one of the many lakes and bathe in a receding stream in Hardangervidda.
  4. Explore Telemarks many waterways by boat
    If you love boat cruises then look no further - Telemark is the perfect place for you! You won’t be disappointed with the wide range of boat experiences: from ferries that will take you island hopping in the archipelago to canal boats on the charming Telemark Canal.
  5. Climbing parks and rock climbing
    Climbing is an exciting activity for both young and old. Telemark offers a wide range of climbing opportunities ranging from both in- and outdoor climbing parks to rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and bouldering.
  6. Where can I go fishing?
    From the coast areas in the south of Telemark to water, tarns and lakes in the inner Telemark, the county tempts with stunning nature and large numbers of places to fish. Anglers’ and landowners’ associations in the various municipalities sell fishing permits for all the areas of water.
  7. Explore Telemarks waterways by kayak or canoe
    Telemark with its long coastline and deep fjords as well as a number of rivers and lakes is an eldorado for paddling. There are plenty of opportunities for kayaking and canoeing.
  8. Spa and recreation in Telemark
    Telemark offers unique and varied spa and wellness experiences everything from wilderness spa and floating sauna to luxurious hotel spa.