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Skjærgårds bus from Langesund to Valle

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3970, Langesund

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the coast of Bamble
  • the coast of Bamble
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  • Bamble Maxitaxi
  • the reception and kiosk at Brevigstrand Camping
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  • Restaurant Sjøterrassen in Bamble with guest harbour and motorhome parking
  • The range at Bamble Golfpark

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Now you can take a bus from Langesund down the coast, whether you want to swim, eat or walk the coastal path.

Buss timetable from 1 July to 31 July 2022
(timetable vill be updatet for summer season 2023 once official) 

Departure Langesund at 11.00 and kl. 16.00
(Driving lower road - Stop by the road at Badeparken)

Departure Stathelle at 11.10 and 18.05
(Runs "Gamle Stathelle" stop also at Bus stop at Brotorvet)

Arrival / departure Rognstranda at 11.20 and 17.55
Arrival / departure Ivarsand at 11.35 and 17.55
Arrival / departure Brevikstrand at 11.45 and 17.35
Arrival / departure Trosby at 11.55 and 17.05
Arrival / departure Kjønnøya / Havparadiset at 12.00 and 17.20
Arrival / departure Sjøterrassen at 12.15 and 16.55
Arrival / departure Valle at 12.25 and 16.45
Arrival / departure Feset at 12.45 and 16.30 (via Europaveien and Stathelle (Hekkensmyr) and upper road to Langesund)
Arrival / departure Langrønningen at 12.50 and 16.25

Prices 2022
Langesund / Stathelle - Rognstranda:                  NOK 50,-
Langesund / Stathelle - Brevikstrand / Ivarsand: NOK 65, -
Langesund / Stathelle sound - Trosby:                 NOK 70,-
Langesund / Stathelle - Kjønnøya:                       NOK 80,-
Langesund / Stathelle - Sjøterrassen:                  NOK 90,-
Langesund / Stathelle - Valle:                               NOK 95,-
Langesund / Stathelle - Feset:                             NOK 100,-
Langesund / Stathelle - Langrønningen:              NOK 105,-

Prices between other destinations: NOK 50,-

Return from Feset / Langrønningen to Langesund goes via Europaveien and upper road from Stathelle to Langesund.

Information about Skjærgårdsbussen call +47 35 90 55 20 Mon - Fri 08.30 -16.00

After 4 pm and on weekends call +47 959 58 000


Map & Directions


Tel: 35905520

Opening Times

Season (1 July 2022 - 31 July 2022)
Monday - Sunday11:00

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