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There were many wars in Europe which increased the need for more iron guns and bullets. From 1642 it was regularly used to transport ore from Langøy to Sandviken near Oslo. From there the ore was driven to Bærum Verk. Also Fossum and Fritzøe Ironworks got ore from Langøy. Near the ferry landing in Kjørbånn is a border mark carved into the mountain. It says: "For this purpose and no longer goes Bærum and Fritzøe they thereto need."
The manor on Langøy was owned by the family Anker. The family emblem still hangs over the main entrance in the shape of an anchor. For a period of time, Langøy had Norway's smallest post office with postcode 3784 Langøy Mines. Langøy also had the first Norwegian female industry manager in 1674. The island got its own school in 1903 and was for many years the most populous in the archipelago. It was dangerous to work in the mines, and the reason for lots of serious accidents. In 1805 the cemetery was landscaped. This old cemetery is worth a visit, where it is sheltered under the canopy. And obviously is this otherwise so peaceful place haunted... . At Langøykilen you find a nice swimming area with toilets and fireplaces. From Langøykilen it is easy to find back to the road-network and the trip returns to the ferry landing.Have a good time, there are countless opportunities for detours on one of Kragerø most exciting islands.

Langøy with its 6.6 km² Kragerø second largest island. The name originate from it`s long shae and relatively narrow island. Langøy also have highest point in the archipelago with 117 meters above sea level, Langøybratten also called Signalen. There has been a gatehouse on top. Another top is Fløyfjell 103 meters above sea level.When mining operations where at full power, there lived about 300 people on Langøy. There is still residents at the old industrial island, and many hope that a brigde connecting them to the mainland will provide better opportunity to increase population. From the inner part of the island there are only a stone's throw to the mainland in Fossing.


Click here to see more information about the taxi-boats, and click here for timetables from Kragerø- Langøy.

Please note the following terms in regards to the express boat Perlen: Only hand baggage is allowed on board Perlen, passengers with lots of luggage/goods may be referred to our ferries. In Kragerø city center the express boat Perlen goes from the pier next to the taxiboats, behind the white houses at the ferry port.


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