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Kragerø Taxi boat

Type:Shipping company

Hovedveien 62, 3781, Jomfruland

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3 cyclists load their bikes on Kragerø Taxi Boat
  • 3 cyclists load their bikes on Kragerø Taxi Boat
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  • sandy beach at tårnbrygga on Jomfruland
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  • sunset on Øitangen
  • little boy sitting on pebble beach on Jomfruland
  • bicycles on Kragerø Taxi boat
  • path on svaberg by Portør
  • cyclist standing on a boulder and looking out over the Kragerø archipelago
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Join Kragerø Taxi boat on great adventures in the magical Kragerø archipelago. Explore the rocks that are among the oldest bedrock in the world, 1100-1500 million years old.

Boat with room for 12 people
The boat for Kragerø Taxi Boat is a solid Mørejet 30, with 330 horses. It takes 12 passengers. It is possible to rent other boats for larger groups.

Join in on different experiences
Experience Jomfruland National Park, the moraine island of Jomfruland that rose from the sea after the last ice age.
- Visit the bird station with exciting migratory birds from all over the world, learn more and feel how light they are.
- Join sightseeing among islets and reefs, visit artists and take part in old traditions.
- Cycle the trails on the islands where Theodor Kittelsen got inspiration for Pesta and Nøkken.
- Enjoy the fantastic Kragerøsol sunrise in the ocean gap that Edvard Munch painted.
Feel the wind tearing at the fishing village Korset, smell the sea spray and see where the master pilot lived.
Taste and feel the seaweed and kelp, sea trout, sea bass and much more.

Shipping of goods
Kragerø Taxi boat transports furniture, materials, food and other things. You call and Kragerø Taxi boat delivers, tel. +47 90 80 44 44.

Environmentally certified with "Blue Falg"
Kragerø Taxi Boat is environmentally certified with the international brand «Blue Flag».



  • Eco-certified


Map & Directions


Tel: 90 80 44 44


  • Blått Flagg Blue flag

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