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Recreation area Paradisbukta at Bærøy

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Bærøy is an idyllic and beautiful island located only 1.5km east of Kragerø city center. This island is the municipality's fourth largest with an area of ​​2.68 km², and offers great scenery as well as mountain tops with stunning views and many beautiful beach- and recreation spots. On the island there are 5-6km of roads and trails and ample opportunities for beautiful nature experiences. Along the most popular trails there are also marked trails that make it easy for you to find the right trail whether you go by foot or bike.

The ferry departs from Kragerø to the ferry port on Gulodden. This is a former quarry located west of the island and the trip here takes only 5-10 minutes by ferry and approx. 5 minutes by speedboat or taxi boat. 
Click here to see more information about the taxi-boats, and click here for timetables from Kragerø- Bærøy.  

Please note the following terms in regards to the express boat Perlen: Only hand baggage is allowed on board Perlen, passengers with lots of luggage/goods may be referred to our ferries. Due to limited space there are only room for two bicycles aboard, passengers with bikes are therefore asked to use the ferry.

In recent years holiday apartments and cottages have been built at Gulodden, surrounded by two beautiful sandy beaches that are available to everyone. One is right by the ferry port and is of a somewhat smaller size and the other one, which is a slightly larger beach, is a few minutes’ walk northwest. The largest of these beaches is called "Grisen", and in 2007 new fine-grained sand was laid on this beach. When the weather is good the beach is bathed in sunshine from the morning until late in the evening, so it is well suited for beach and bathing days from morning till dawn.

The free area Paradisbukta is at the north end of Bærøy and can offer a nice pier and bathing area. This is a popular area for both local and holidaymakers. The highest peak on Bærøy is Bærøykjerringa and is located 68metres over the ocean. The mountain top is easily accessible and offers a fantastic view in all directions.


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