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Accommodation Langøytangen


Cudrios gt 9 B, 3970, Langesund

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langøytangen lighthouse on the island Langøya in Langesund
  • langøytangen lighthouse on the island Langøya in Langesund
  • the houses by langøytangen lighthouse on the island Langøya in Langesund
  • the houses by langøytangen lighthouse on the island Langøya in Langesund
  • langøytangen lighthouse seen from the water


Langøytangen is a great starting point for nice walks on Long Island's trails, the old tennis court, soccer field and grasslands in the north or to the beaches in the middle of the island and on the northern side.

The Lighthouse area and Langøya is a paradise for children's play and memorable vacation.

There are good fishing spots from the rocks around the island.

The offer is open to everyone all year.

The house has 4 rooms with a total of 12 beds with reasonably good standard. The beds are equipped with pillow and comforter and you must bring bedding or sleeping bags. Two living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms with showers are shared spaces. Lodges can be divided with sliding door. Ovnspeis in one room. Dining table in the kitchen and in the one room.

The house is equipped with breakfast and dinner crockery, cutlery, several types of glasses, cups, pots, cooking utensils, coffee maker, dishwasher, stove and refrigerator.

The toilet is a nice bio-toilet outside.

There is running cold and hot supply water and municipal drinking / summer water watering hole on the outside. Outside there is a long table with bench. In addition, there are several camping tables and chairs available and two bullet grills.

Langesundsfjorden Kystlag have boats for rent hire 1:13 fts Pioner with 6 HP engine and / or rowboats

(Appointment at the Tourist Office or call +47 950 86 026; no SMS).

The cottage is unattended and must wash and clean up after themselves.

It's floating dock with mooring possibilities for your own boat at Langøytangen in the period from 15 June to 15 September. Mooring at / on fyrbrygga year for two to three small boats (depth up to 1m). By far the sea laid the boat in Langøya Guest Piers and then it's 25 minutes to go out to Langøytangen.

We also note that special protection provisions for the island. During school, holidays have Langøya Hovedgård open summer restaurant. Phone 955 57 920.

Information about timetables (ferry from Helgeroa-Langesund) appears on VisitGrenland or contact us by tel. 35 90 55 20 or by posting notices in Langesund or at the Tourist Service.

Affordable ferry service can be ordered by phone. 33 18 82 45/952 57 705.

Free ferry transport Langesund - Langøya hovedgård T / R during the summer school holidays.

For booking and more info call VisitGrenland at + 47 35 90 55 20 


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Tel: 950 86 026

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