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The Rat-Wife sculpture


3732, Skien

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the rat maiden in the snow on a winter's evening
  • the rat maiden in the snow on a winter's evening
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The 7-meter-high sculpture Rat Virgin has its point of departure in Henrik Ibsen's play "Little Eyolf". It is located on Bakkestranda in Skien, one of the most popular outdoor areas in Skien. 

The Rat Virgin is a lady who visits the homes and predicts whether it´s something that nags and gnaws at them. It´s the rats she is looking for, but between the lines we realize that Ibsen asks if there is something that nags and gnaws between people.

The sculpture is made by the artist Marit Benthe Norheim and 2349 pupils from Skien's schools have adorned the sculpture with their own porcelain eye, which is molded into the 7 meter high sculpture. In addition to being a work of art, the sculpture is a playground, and inside it has a slide that´s very popular with the youngest children.


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Tel: +47 35 90 55 20

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Henrik Ibsen - a boy from Skien, SkienHenrik Ibsen was born on the 20 th of March 1828, to parents Knud and Marichen Ibsen.

Picture from " Ibentrappa" in the centre of Skien The Ibsen stairs, SkienThe Ibsen Staircase is a concrete and granite structure with a bust of Henrik Ibsen. It features 32 steps adorned with quotes from "Peer Gynt".