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Passion for Skien - Prinsessegata 13

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Prinsessegata 13, 3724, Skien

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Painting: A simple design with message of safeguarding peace and our nature, and with an indication of possible water level in 2030. Victor Ash is a highly recognized French street artist, originally from Portugal , who lives in Copenhagen. 

Technique: His murals show that for him is the main danger to the growing interconnection between the countryside and cities, nature and culture. 

Exposure: Victor Ash made his first exhibition in 1989. Since then his work has been exhibited around the world, including in New York, Miami Art Basel, London, Seoul and Tokyo. He is especially known for its giant "Cosmonaut" in Berlin. Victor is a street artist, and often uses the contrast between urban environments and nature as a theme in his paintings.

 The painting: 

is baptized "Interstellar Fugitive" and symbolizes people displaced, alternatively, what we may be at risk if we do not safeguard Mother Earth - "saving the planet Hearth." 

Artist on The spirit Kunsthall wall is Eric Okdeh from Philadelphia from the United States. Muralist since 1998. BFA in art / painting from Tyler School of Art in the United States. Eric Okdeh is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has contributed to over 100 public artworks around the US, as well as murals on Hawaii, Spain, Jordan and Sandefjord - and now also Skien. 

For 20 years he has worked with social art projects in his hometown of Philadelphia. He uses art as a way to include community groups that have ended up outside, such as disadvantaged youth or inmates serving at life in prison. 

Socially engaged, work a lot with art as therapy for people who have ended up outside of society. Eric leads a group of up to 20 inmates to design and create works of art for the city of Philadelphia, as well as in Graterford prison. Murals painted on cloth panels inside Graterford prison and then installed in various locations. 

• Developed a classroom / studio environment that allows and encourages participants to work as a team and accept leadership roles within the group

 • Expanded program of prison mental-health unit. 

• Made the nearly 20 public artworks in Philadelphia and inside the institution http://www.ericokdeh.com/ Motto: "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. "Murals in Pennsylvania, USA, Amman in Jordan. 

The painting, of logs down to Skien. A big thank you to the timber workers who had a dangerous job, and many of them lost their lives. The picture shows the old bridge over Damfoss, as well as the old buildings along Hjellen and Skien lock on the right side. Eric's wall is describing a part of the history of Skien. 

Artist: From Peru, a graduate of the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de Trujillo "Esbat, Peru. 

Assistant: Dennise Paulsen from Sanitago, Chile. 


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