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Type:Building/cultural environment

Skistredet, 3715, Skien

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Altenburggården was an building in the center of Skien, which was Henrik Ibsen's childhood home from 1831 to 1835.

Just two years after Henrik was born, Knud Ibsen took over the building after his mother-in-law. In 1831 the Ibsen family moved from Stockmannsgården to Altenburggården about 100 meters further up in the city.

In this house, Knud Ibsen lived with his family until 1835. Henrik spent four important years of his life, from when he was four to seven years old, in this house. In this house there were many and large living rooms both downstairs and upstairs, and it was a great gathering place. The building burned down during the cityfire in Skien 1886.


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