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Attractions, places and history in Skien

  1. Henrik Ibsen's childhood town Skien
    Henrik Ibsen is born in Skien and we have
  2. Sondre Brekke estate in Skien
    Join the Escape Room at Telemark Museum.
    1. Skien has an exceptional geological diversity. A tour across the Skien-Gjerpendalen valley is a tour through 1500 million years of geological history.
    2. Picture from " Ibentrappa" in the centre of Skien
      The Ibsen Steps were restored in April 1995.
    3. fishing ladder in Skien
      New, modern fish ladder in down town of Skien.
    4. Kapitelberget in Skien, church ruins from the 1100s, after the mighty Dagsætten (ancestry) in Skien.
    5. Snipetorp is Skien's oldest residential after the city fires in 1854 and 1886.
    6. The main building, Søndre Brekke farm in Brekkeparken, is truly magnificent and has housed several traditional families.
    7. sign that says "Antique"
      Gamle Union Brug Antikk has 1700 square meters of old treasures and antiquities from Norway and throughout Europe.