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Passion for Skien - Arkaden

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3724, Skien

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The artist behind the wall art on the mall “Arkaden” is Spaik - Romero Guerra from Mexico. 

Spaik is an urban artist, with colorful works inspired by Latin American folklore. He has done murals in both Central and South America and in Europe. He works at the moment towards a bachelor's degree in film studies.


A colorful design that reproduces energy in many ways. The heart of the center with the powerful light in the background energy. The tree with the heart's energy. The animals around is energy, and since we are in Norway a polar bear and a moose got central locations. The picture has a circular shape that underpins the cycle of nature and shows the importance of maintaining this energy. The strong colors will help ensure that you are in a good mood, it is vital energy. The artist Spaik  want with this image to spread joy and energy. The choice of the pattern of the animals is a form often found on other images Spaik have painted elsewhere in the world. During his stay in Skien  Spaik was deep inspired of the Norwegian nature and our cultural history, for example. Heddal Stave Church and the Telemark Canal. 


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