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3835, Seljord

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NOR-WAY Bus Express is one of Norway's leading express bus chains with 14 routes covering large parts of southern Norway. The route network is operated by 9 different bus companies, including Telemark Bilruter, and which runs the following routes to and from Telemark:

Telemark Express
The Telemark Express runs Grenland - Telemark, and has a connection with the NW180 Haukelie Express to Hardanger and Western Norway.

Line NW182 Telemarkekspressen Seljord-Bø-Ulefoss-Skien-Porsgrunn
Line NW184 Skien-Hjellebrygga-Lunde lock (summer season)
See route information for Telemarkekspressen

Haukeliekspressen runs the road between east and west, between Oslo and Haugesund / Bergen goes over Haukeli. From the fjords in Western Norway, via beautiful Haukeli - the gateway to the Hardangervidda, to Telemark and Oslo in the east.

Line NW180 Haukeliekspressen Oslo-Seljord-Åmot-Haugesund / Bergen
Line NW181 Åmot-Haukeli-Hovden-Bykle
See route information for Haukeliekspressen

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NOR-WAY customer service
Tel .: 22 31 31 50
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Telemark Bilruter, Seljord
Tel .: 35 06 54 00
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Tel: 35 06 54 00

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