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Passion for Skien - Kongensgate 16

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Kongensgate 16, 3724, Skien

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The artist of this artwork is Eduardo Baquerizo de Sobrino from Seville, Spain.

Eduardo was apprenticed in Cádiz, Spain, and later completed the School of Arts and Crafts in Seville as a senior technician in graphic design. He has created paintings for private institutions in Rome and Padua and participated in several international art festivals. He works with homeless people who find their way back into society through art.

Eduardo had the help of two young boys, Esteban Suarez on exchange from Columbia and Mohammad Alyounes, a young single refugee who lives in Gulset.

The painting
The painting shows Skien around the 17th century, where Skien was one of the largest timber trading towns in Norway. In the upper left corner, London is shown burning in 1666. When rebuilding London, large quantities of timber were delivered precisely from Skien.
The original picture was painted by Peter Feiberg, approx. 1830.


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