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Svanstul/Luksefjell recreation Area

Type:Cross Country

3724, Skien

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  • Skiing from Svanstul til Nare
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The Svanstul mountains north of Skien, approx. 25 min. to drive by car, are an attractive skiing and activity area and very snow-proof. In this beautiful mountain area, you can enjoy miles of ski slopes for both young and old, most of which are machine-groomed. Choose  the trail route that suits you and your family's needs.

The light trail at Svanstul
The light trail is an approx. 5 km long family-friendly circular trail. The lighting stays on until 23.00 every evening. This trail is a little more hilly than the Huldre trail, and is a nice trail for a training ride. You can gå the light trail in addition to the Huldre trail. 

The Huldre trail at Svanstul
A child-friendly circuit of approx. 8 km that passes the Red Cross hut and TTF's "Fugleleiken" hut.

Stone bridge trail at Svanstul
More challenging circuit of approx. 27 km with fantastic views towards the Gaustatoppen. From Fugleleiken, the circular trail is approx. 20 km. If you choose the shortest route from the car park, the trail will be approx. 22.5 km.

The swan rafts
Circular trail of approx. 4.5 km and a short way to an experience of vastness and with fantastic views. You can choose the short route back and forth to the car park and the route will then be approx. 8.8 km, or you can go round the Huldreløypa and get approx. 12.5 km.

See the trail map for Svanstul and plan your trip.

How do you get to Svanstul?
Follow Valebøveien north from the center of Skien and take the well-signposted toll road at Nisterudbrua. Please be aware that you will be charged road toll.  Paid by bank card or special season ticket.

The tourist association's cabin "Fugleleiken"
At the "Fugleleiken" cabin, you can pop in and enjoy a good cup of coffee and a delicious freshly baked waffle. The cabin is located in Huldreløyp at the junction of Narefjell and Steinbruløyp. It is operated most weekends during the winter season.


Map & Directions


Tel: 35 90 55 20

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