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Stolpejakt " post hunt"

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3724, Skien

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Stolpejakten or ‘post hunt’ blends sport, outdoor recreation, public health and culture. It involves finding posts placed around the area: some close to cultural monuments, others by busy traffic intersections. All the posts in Grenland can be reached by bus, and most are also accessible to wheelchair users. The distance between the posts within each local area is fairly short. 

To find the posts, you can either download an app to your mobile or get hold of a paper map. These are available at the municipalities’ service bureaus and a number of other places. 


You can also register groups, such as workplaces, school classes or friends, and compete to see who finds the most posts. 

How it works

1. Find posts
The first thing you need to take part in the post hunt is the map showing the location of the posts. The map exists in two versions: a physical map folder or electronic map integrated in the app. The map brochure is available free of charge from various outlets and institutions (this varies from municipality to municipality). Some municipalities also distribute the map folders to every household. The post hunt app can be downloaded free from Google Play or App Store. Once you have a map, you’re ready to get out and start finding posts! There are lots to find, split into four different levels of difficulty* – can you find them all?

*The levels of difficulty are as follows:

GREEN – very easy, can be reached by bike and wheelchair
BLUE – easy
RED – medium
BLACK – difficult

2. Register
It’s up to you how many posts you find. In any case, it’s fun to have of an overview of how you’re doing! You can do this by registering the posts, either electronically using the app or via our online portal, or manually by filling them in directly on the map. You’ll need an account to register electronically. You can create one here. It’s free and always will be!

How to register the posts: A code and a QR code are imprinted on each post. To register manually, note the code directly on the map, which you can send in at a later stage. To register electronically, use either the ‘Stolpejakten’ app to scan the post’s QR code or plot the code in your account on this page (by logging on in the menu on the right). It’s so easy!

3. Win prizes!
Each post you register gives you an entry in the draw to win great prizes from our partners in your local area. In other words, your chances of winning increase based on the number of posts you register. By registering the posts electronically, you’ll automatically be entered in the draw. If you register manually, you’ll need to send the map to the address indicated.



Map & Directions


What's Nearby

  1. Stockmannsgården

    In this building, in the corner room on the 2nd floor, Henrik Ibsen was born.

    62 m away
  2. Passion for Skien - Arkaden

    The artist behind the wall art on the mall “Arkaden” is Spaik - Romero Guerra from Mexico…

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  3. Passion for Skien - Prinsessegt 1

    Painting of a family sitting on the pier, based on an original photo from the Fishing…

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  1. Passion for Skien - Prinsessegata 5

    Victor Ash is a highly acclaimed French street artist, originally from Portugal, who…

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  2. Altenburggården


    The first owner of Altenburggården was probably Johan Altenburg, Henrik Ibsen's…

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  3. Snipetorp district

    Snipetorp, Skien's oldest residential quarter and residence of Henrik Ibsen's parents,…

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  4. Ibsengården in Snipetorp

    Snipetorp is the only authentic urban environment that survives from Henrik Ibsen’s time…

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  5. Passion for Skien - Bryggeparkeringa

    Design dedicated some former Skiens citizens.

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  6. Passion for Skien - Kongensgate 16

    The painting shows Skien around the 17th century, where Skien was one of the largest…

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  7. Fish ladder

    New, modern fish ladder in down town of Skien.

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  8. The Ibsen stairs

    The Ibsen Staircase is a concrete and granite structure with a bust of Henrik Ibsen. It…

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  9. Passion for Skien - Mølla

    The artist at Møllaveggen is Spaik Romero Guerra of Mexico.

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  10. Passion for Skien - Kverndalsgata

    Street art in homage to Åge Samuelsen (1915-1987) and Paal Flaata (1968-...), as well as…

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  11. Ibsenhuset

    Ibsenhuset is Skien's cultural center and offers a wide selection of concerts and shows…

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  12. Skiens Art Association

    Their gallery is in the Cultural Centre called Ibsenhuset, which opened in 1973.

    241 m away
  13. Søndre Brekke Estate, Telemark Museum

    The main building, Søndre Brekke Manison at Brekkeparken, is truly magnificent and has…

    266 m away
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