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Sunny Day ideas

  1. Mini cruise on the Telemark canal between Skien and Løveid at Skotfoss in Skien.
  2. the entrance to Brekkeparken in Skien
    Brekkeparken in Skien municipality is part of the Telemark Museum.
    1. 1 Sep 202119 Dec 2021
    2. 1 Sep 202119 Dec 2021
  3. Just a short trip north of the centre of Skien is Børsesjø nature reserve in Gjerpensdalen.
  4. New, modern fish ladder in down town of Skien.
  5. Wilderness in the town.
  6. The iron age-house at Aarhus in Skien was opened in September 2005.
  7. Bowling alley at Henrik Ibsen museum Venstøp
    The garden at the Henrik Ibsen Museum contains a reconstructed skittle alley.
    1. 1 Jun 202031 Aug 2020
    2. 1 Jun 202131 Aug 2021
    3. 1 Jun 202231 Aug 2022

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