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Coffee distillery and coffee bar Farstad & Co.

Type:Coffee shop

Kverndalsgata 8, 3717, Skien

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In the heart of Skien you will find the city's only coffee distillery, Farstad & Co. Here, coffee is roasted and packed several times a week. With coffee beans from carefully selected farms, the coffee enthusiasts at Farstad & Co taste their way to the roasting profiles that bring out the best flavors from the various beans.

The coffee bar
The coffee bar Farstad & Co in the center of Skien is a gathering place for people and companies in Grenland. Here you can enjoy coffee roasted in the companies own coffee distillery and good pastries provided by Harmoni Bakery.

The history of the coffee distillery
The story goes back to 1955, when Olav Kyrre Farstad burned and delivered coffee to local shops and restaurants in Skien. After many years without a local coffee distillery, they decided to resume the tradition and work hard to roast, deliver and serve good taste experiences to their customers. 


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Tel: 486 00 335

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