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Rainy Day ideas

  1. Søndre Brekke Mansion at the Brekkeparken in Skien
    Join the Escape Room at Telemark Museum.
    1. man and woman relax in a jacuzzi at the Spa and wellness department in Skien leisure park
      A world of pleasure. In the wellness department of Skien fritidspark you can relax in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.
    2. The main building, Søndre Brekke Manison at Brekkeparken, is truly magnificent and has housed several historical families.
    3. Telemark Kunstsenter (Telemark Art Senter) is a center of competence for professional artists and crafts in Telemark.
      1. 2 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
      2. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
    4. family at Henrik Ibsen Museum Venstøp
      Visit the Henrik Ibsen museum in Skien and experience the playwright's childhood home as it was when Henrik lived here. Try skittles, puppetry or dress up.
      1. 1 May 202431 Aug 2024
    5. Skien church was completed in 1894 and has 1,400 seats. The church is located in the middle of the city and with its two spiers of 68 meters it is clearly visible in the cityscape.
    6. Their gallery is in the Cultural Centre called Ibsenhuset, which opened in 1973.
    7. entrance to Spriten art gallery in Skien
      Spriten Kunsthall is located on Klosterøya, a few minutes walk from the center of Skien.
      1. Try curling in Skien leisure park and bring friends, neighbours, colleagues or have a stag party on the ice. It's going to be fun here!
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