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Group 9 Gallery, BREVIK


Hoffmannsgate 2, 3950, Brevik

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Group 9 in Brevik is an arena for both established and unestablished artists. The purpose of the group is to create interest in art in the local environment by arranging exhibitions of visual arts and handicrafts. 7-8 exhibitions are held each year.

Gruppe 9 is run by artists and people who love art. The gallery is a very popular gallery located in Skipper Sørensen's house in Brevik and which was started in the spring of 1969.

Lise Rygh Svendsen was the initiator together with Rigmor Florell, Ellinor Strøm, Bill Smith and Nora Samuelsen. These were allowed to borrow the first floor of the Skipperhuset itself from Porsgrunn municipality for the very first exhibition. Alv Kapstad, Arnulf Rosland, Tittan Engebretsen and Samuel Svendsen were invited to exhibit together with the initiators. There were nine exhibitors, hence the name.


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