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Sykkel & Tur Gautefall – Langesund


Magnus Den Godes vei, 3960, Stathelle

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bicycle to Bicycle & Tour Gautefall stands on a rock
  • bicycle to Bicycle & Tour Gautefall stands on a rock
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  • cycling over boulders on Gautefall
  • bicycle to Bicycle & Tour Gautefall stands along a wall
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At Gautefallheia and the Langesund Peninsula you will find an eldorado of marked paths and forest roads with varying degrees of difficulty that are suitable for cycling. At Sykkel & Tur Gautefall you get help with tips for suitable routes. They also rent electric fully cushioned mountain bikes for trail biking. The bikes are of course also well suited for use on gravel and country roads if you so wish.

Rental of electric bicycles
With an electric mountain bike, you get further and experience more! The electric bikes are top models from Haibike with a powerful 250Watts / 80Nm motor that makes cycling as fun uphill as downhill. 500Wh battery pack usually lasts for a long day trip.

About the bikes
Sykkel & Tur Gautefall has a total of 4 bicycles for rent. 2 pcs. with frame size L and 2 pcs. with frame size medium.
When renting all 4 bicycles at the same time, a family package discount of 25% is given.

They have also a bicycle trailer for rent to transport bicycles. And they can also deliver bicycles to the desired address / cabin field within Bostrak - Treungen and the Langesund Peninsula.


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Tel: 952 91 361

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