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The coastal path - Norways answer to Cinque Terre

  1. Viewpoint Rognsåsen on Kyststien in Bamble with a view towards Rognstranda
    The Bamble coastal path starts at the library in Stathelle and finishes at Fossing in Krageø, covering a stretch of approx, 62 km.
  2. The coastal path in Bamble, Stathelle, park by the marina
    The trail starts at the bottom of the stairs from the Breviks bridge on the Stathelle side.
  3. This part of the trail is generally easy and straightforward to go , but can be hilly someplaces . Langesund is well worth a visit  before heading out onto the trail.
  4. At Rognstranda there is a campsite with a great sandy beach and barbecue area.
  5. Ivarsand, a beautiful beach along the coastal trail
    This part of the coastal path is generally easy and straightforward to walk, but there is a relatively steep hill up from Åby to Åstadheia.
  6. This part of the coastal path is easy to walk, with no major elevation differences. Here are some of the pearls along the path.

Accommodation and places to eat

  1. family eats on the terrace by the bathing park at Quality Hotel Skjærgården
    Quality Hotel Skjærgården is a family-friendly hotel with its own tropical water park, located at the outer edge of Langesund's beautiful archipelago.
    1. 2 Jan 202317 Dec 2023
    2. 2 Jan 202422 Dec 2024
  2. beach at Rognstranda Camping
    Rognstranda Camping is idyllically located by the sea in the heart of the Rognsfjord on the Telemark coast with one of Norway's finest beaches and boulders.
    1. 1 May 202431 Aug 2024
  3. Brevigstrand camping
    Brevigstrand Camping is a pleasant family campsite located in rural surroundings in the middle of Bamble's archipelago.
    1. fisherman's cabins on Sjøterrassen
      Sjøterrassen rorbuer is idyllically located by the Trosbyfjord in Bamble municipality. Coastal trail, bike paths, archipelago cruise, Sjøterrassen Restaurant.
      1. 1 Jan 202331 Dec 2023
    2. Havparadiset right by the sea
      Havparadiset in Havsund - Vertshuset at Kjønnøya continues a proud trade tradition combined with modern lodging facilities. Hafsund will be the place for inspiration, pleasure and experience.
      1. 19 Jun 202331 Dec 2023
    3. The restaurant and cafe are beautifully located by the sea in Bamble.
      1. Restaurant Sjøterrassen in Bamble with guest harbour and motorhome parking
        Sjøterrassen Restaurant is a gem in Bamble and is beautifully located by right by the Trosbyfjord.


      1. the coast of Bamble
        Skjærgårdsbussen travels along the coast from Langesund and southwards to Valle, with departures from Langesund twice daily in July.
        1. Bamble taxi
        2. Maxitaxi in Bamble