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Tordenskioldsgt. 2, 3970, Langesund

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people at a concert at Wrightegaarden evening atmosphere
  • people at a concert at Wrightegaarden evening atmosphere
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Wrightegaarden is one of Norway's most famous concert venues and is idyllically located in the center of the summer town of Langesund.

A sought-after stage for outdoor concerts with national and international artists
Since the late 1980s, Wrightegaarden has been a sought-after stage for outdoor concerts during the summer months, and nearly every notable Nordic artist has graced the stage. Several international artists have also visited Wrightegaarden, including names like The Band, BB King, The Beach Boys, Little Richard, Bryan Ferry, Status Quo, Toto, and Chuck Berry. Every year, 20,000 people gather at Wrightegaarden's concerts from June to August.

Versatile spaces with good food and great atmosphere
Wrightegaarden is known for its great atmosphere and food, and the premises are used for both concerts, weddings, birthdays, and Christmas parties.

The history of Wrightegaarden
The oldest part of the house dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. In 1800, the wealthy Jacob Cudrio gave the farm as a wedding present to his daughter Bolette and her husband Just Wright. Hence the name Wrightegaarden.

Bolette lived on the farm until 1850, but did she ever move out? It is said that she still haunts the house, and on some days, the staff has noticed her presence in the form of inexplicable shadows or sudden sounds that occur in the rooms. Perhaps her love for music is what has made Bolette stay at the venue?

Check out www.wrightegaarden.no for the program.



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