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Lindeviki Canoe Camp on The Telemark Canal

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3880, Dalen

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Lindeviki is an idyllic campsite for paddlers on the Telemark Canal with a cool, wooden "padlehuk" for overnight stay. Here there is also plenty of space for tents, a campfire space and toilet.

Lindeviki is the only place to camp on the north side of Bandak between Lårdal and Straumane in Kviteseid. You should paddle on the north side of the lake to see the camp site. 

The history

Lindeviki is an old homestead place under Flekstveit. The place was vacated in 1848. Then two households from Lindeviki emigrated to America. From Lindeviki there is a walk up the steep slope to Flekstveit farm, located about 600 meters above sea level. Flekstveit was one of Vest-Telemark's largest farms in the 18th century. From Flekstveit there are fantastic views of Bandak.

The Lindeviki family has today large ancestry in America. 

From Lindeviki to Flekstveit it is about 3.5 km with a hard climb. The first farm you come to is Nigard Fleksveit, here you can still see buildings of old. Up to Uppigard Flekstveit it is about 400m, here there are no buildings of old, they have been moved to the museum Kviteseid Bygdetun. 

The timber hut at Lindeviki is set up as a logging hut. All the buildings from that time people lived here are gone. The old settlement was about 100 meters up the road to Flekstveit.

At the top and further south, the Raudbergnuten top lies at 950m.o.h. One time there was a walk from Lindeviki and up - a rough walk. This road was used to move cows up to Uddedalen, which is on the other side of Raudbergnuten.





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Tel: +47 35 07 56 56

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