Explore Telemark




  1. Lådalstigen is a fantastic hike between Lårdal and Dalen. A large part of the walk follows the mountain ridge 800 metres above the Telemark Canal.
  2. Charming walk along the Telemark Canal, past the historic Dalen Hotel, beautiful Soria Moria Sauna and through the "jungle" in the delta of the valley.
  3. Exciting walking route from Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg to the historic whetstone quarry.
  4. Visit 10 great mountain tops in Tokke. For more information contact the tourist office in Dalen.
  5. Round trip from Dalen where you cross the river Tokkeåi via the suspension bridge over Helveteshylen (Hell)
  6. A walk packed full of culture and history.

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