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Walking trails in Bamble

Type:Winter activities

3960, Stathelle
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In Bamblemarka has Bamble Sports Association developed a ski trail from Rørholt to Nenseth via Hundekilen. The Association also has a small trail from the Rugtvedt to Herum.

In Sour Bogen is a 5 km. lighted trails that are open to public use at the winter season. It is Asdal and Sour Bogense Well as responsible for the operation.

From the Church in Heere has Herre Sport Association built a trail over to Hofstein and Flåtevann, and a trail from the Siljan to Kongens Dam.

Langesund IF has a floodlit / fitness trail in Nustadskauen /Sundby, 5 km. long.

Stathelle Association IL has a trail with light in the area north of Stathelle School.


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Walking tour at Stathelle, BambleBefore Brevik bridge came in 1962, Stathelle was a junction for traffic between the south and east of Norway.

Walking tour in Langesund, BambleLangesund is Grenland’s "white-painted town" by the sea.

Rognsåsen, BambleRognsåsen is a popular recreation area in Bamble with a diverse conifer forest.

Steinvika in wet and windy weather, Bamble

view of the sea from Tangen fort in Langesund Tangen Fort, BambleTangen Fort is located at the far end of Langesundstangen, south of Langesund city centre, and is a popular hiking area.

Hørsfjell - Bamble highest mountain, Bamble

Ivarsand, a beautiful beach along the coastal trail  Prisgrunn and Ivarsand, BamblePopular hiking area for families with children.

Trolldalen Kystfort, BambleTrolldalen Kystfort, beautifully located right on the water’s edge in Bamble, was built by the Germans during World War II.

Tangen Fort, BambleTangen Fort, located at the far end of Langesundstangen, is a popular hiking area just south of central Langesund.