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Families with children

  1. This nice playground on Langbrygga in Skien is a paradise for the children.
  2. The playground at Brekkeparken in Skien is nice for families with small children, with swings, play equipment and sandboxes.
    1. 1 May 201931 Aug 2019
  3. group of girls at a water park in Skien fritidspark
    In Skien fritidspark water park it's fun and excitement for young and old.
    1. 21 Jan 202123 Dec 2021
  4. Church ruins after the mighty Dagsætten (ancestry) in Skien. From the 1100s.
  5. The childrens favorite place to visit, lots of activities.
    1. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
    2. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    3. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
  6. Learn more about the natural history of our planet.

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