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Active adults

  1. Skotfoss trail in Skien
    The Skotfoss trail is a 3.7 km cultural trail, with start at Løveid locks in Skien.
  2. the cultural trail by Hjellevannet
    A circular trail of 5.6 km around Hjellevannet lake.
  3. The cultural trailat Århus in Skien leads through an area of the town steeped in history.
  4. Børsesjø is a protected nature reserve located at the northern end of Gjerpensdalen in Skien.
  5. Just a short trip north of the centre of Skien is Børsesjø nature reserve in Gjerpensdalen.
  6. Wilderness in the town.
  7. View to Vealøs
    Vealøs is one of the finest viewpoints in Grenland.
  8. indoor climbing wall in Skien leisure park
    Would you like to try your hand at climbing? Skien fritidspark offers indoor climbing on artificial climbing walls as well as a bouldering room.
    1. Do you want to have fun on the ice?
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    2. lady with 2 children at Mikaelshulen
      Mikaelshulen, or St. Michaelchurch, is a mountain cave in the steep mountain wall on the east side of Norsjø. Mikaelshulen is located in the middle of a rock wall, about 30 m above Norsjø and is clearly visible from the water surface.