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3941, Porsgrunn

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hikers who enjoy the view from Valås
  • hikers who enjoy the view from Valås
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Valås is a summit offering splendid views, easily comparable to the most stunning locations in Grenland.

Panoramic view from Porsgrunn to Lifjell and Gaustatoppen
Just below the summit towards the west lies Moheim and Eidanger, presenting a magnificent panorama. It's effortless to identify many well-known places in Porsgrunn from here. You have an unobstructed view in the south, west, and north directions. The vista encompasses both the archipelago, the sea beyond, and the fjord arms extending towards Langesund and Brevik, as well as portions of Lifjell. During clear weather, you can even catch a glimpse of Gaustatoppen.

Description of the trail
The trail begins from the main parking area atop the hill at Lillegårdskleivene. It is marked and signposted, and shortly after starting, there's a sign indicating the direction to Valås. After around 300 meters from the parking area, you enter a small tractor road. You follow this path until a new trail junction about 500 meters further up. This junction is quite distinct, making it difficult to miss as the trail bends upwards into the forest on the left side. Furthermore, a sign marked "Valås" is present here. From here, it's easy to follow the trail up to the summit. The trail has a gentle incline, but it becomes slightly steeper towards the end. There are no particularly strenuous sections, making this a suitable hike even for children.

Short and easy hike to the summit
The hike to Valås is relatively short, measuring just under 1.5 km one way. With an expected duration of about 20 minutes, it offers a brief yet enriching nature experience. The elevation difference of 130 meters provides a gradual ascent without the most demanding challenges.

Consider a round trip around sortilen
It's possible to take the route to Valås as a round trip around Sortilen. The entire circular trail, approximately 5 km long, is marked and signposted, and has been improved with boardwalks and two new bridges. There are pleasant resting spots at Sortilen and also at Lannerdammen.


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