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The Fjerdingen is a popular summit hike in Porsgrunn and the highest point in the area. The view from here is priceless and can be enjoyed from multiple angles. From the southern part of the summit, you can see the sea and the fjord areas extending inland from Mølen and Langesund Bay. Additionally, you can also gaze out towards Jomfruland off the coast of Kragerø and on clear days, you can even catch a glimpse of the Oslo Fjord.

Highest point in Porsgrunn municipality with a fantastic view
On the delimited summit area, there is a small circular path that takes you past a trigonometric point near the cairn. This point is the highest in the entire Porsgrunn municipality and also offers a fantastic view.

Description of the trail
The trail starts at a small open area and then follows a tractor road through easy and pleasant terrain. Some sections of the cross-country ski trail also overlap here at the beginning of the route.
At the road from the starting point, there are signs pointing you to the beginning of the hiking trail on the right.
The trail is well-marked and signposted all the way up to the summit. The terrain is easy at the beginning but gradually steepens with some hilly and partially challenging sections. Some parts of the trail can be a bit rocky and uneven, but most people will be able to manage it fine.

After rain, there might be a lot of mud and water on the trail, so running shoes are not the best choice. Traditional rubber boots are often the best solution under such conditions, and the hike can still be completed in a relatively problem-free and successful manner.


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