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Sluseveien 24, 3825, Lunde

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  • medium


22 km



  • 1 day


Nature and terrain

  • asphalt
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Intended audience

  • Family

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Starting Point
Landskaper`n starts in Lunde, next to the camping ground First Camp Lunde - Telemark, goes around Flåbygd, and is one of the most used bike routes in the area. We've selected a few points for you in this mini-guide. Enjoy!

The cycle route largely runs on public roads and the road between Lunde and Kjeldal can at times be heavily trafficked.

Gartneriet in Flåbygd
Want to take a ispause on the tour, so the horticulture (Gartneriet) is the place to stop. Next opportunity for food and drinks are back at the starting point. Do you want to combine cycling and hiking, you can find the starting point for hiking to Sundbøfjellet on the opposite side of the road.

Strengen Pier
The steamboat Sankt Olaf went between Dalen and Strengen brygge before Telemarkskanalen was completed. Strengen Pier has therefore been an important point for trade and transportation. Now the pier is a great place to ride down to take a bath in the canal, or enjoy a picnic lunch bag.

Murane is a well preserved, 1.7 km stretch which was built in 1892. Under the new Murane is the old road (built in 1853). The new road came after it was dammed by Hogga locks and the old was put under water. You can see some places parts of this if you look closely. Murane is a good example of older techniques that were used by road construction, including natural stone walls and guard stones. This is a great route for the youngest racers.

Hogga locks
is the first lock that regulates the water level from Dalen. Here you will find good opportunities to take a break, camping and motorhome location. The area has jetties, toilets and opportunities to add with small boats. The lock was important to ensure regulation of the sawmills in Ulefoss then everything went on hydropower.

Lunde lock
Here are the Slusekro with café and lock park designed for children. Experience the bustling life when boats meet approximately kl. 13 each day during the season. The node for the embarkation and disembarkation of barge, activities and cultural experiences along the canal.




  • Airport
  • By car
  • Ferry
  • length in km - 22 km


  • 1 day


  • medium

Intended audience

  • Family

Nature and terrain

  • asphalt


  • august
  • july
  • june
  • may
  • september


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Tel: 409 20 000

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