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Cycling Events

  1. HelteRittet
    Mountain biking in circular track with start/finish at Rjukan. The route is mostly situated in the high mountains at Hardangervidda with distances of 55km and 100km. The route is considered to be tough, with a lot of climbing and some technical challenges, but you will be rewarded with a great view and beautiful nature. The route is arranged the second weekend of august.
  2. Farrisrunden
    Mountain bike ride in circular track around Farrisvannet with beautiful surroundings. Start and finish in Larvik. The ride contains some technical challenges and some challenging hills. Distance: 67km. The ride is arranged at the start of June.
  3. Telemarkskanalrittet
    Mountain bike ride alongside the Telemark Canal with several starting points and finishes Lunde. The rides are slightly hilly and runs mainly along the canal. The longest ride passes Vrådal and along Vråvatn. Distances: 24 km, 55 km and 100 km. The ride is arranged at the end of May.
  4. Telemark Tours
    Countryside ride that ends in Skien. The traditional ride is arranged with several distances and locations around Telemark. Participants from different countries come to this ride year after year. The ride is arranged at the beginning of June.