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  1. Cycling along the Telemark Canal
    Be ready for a fantastic experience cycling on one of the many routes along the Telemark Canal
  2. Bikepacking and guided tours
    Do you only want to focus on biking and let someone else take care of the logistics? Then a guided bike ride might be something for you.
  3. Mountain biking in Telemark
    Telemark's mountain bike paths range in everything from easy to demanding, from rocky to wide and with special sights and majestic scenery, it takes the bike adventure to a whole new level!
  4. Road Cycling
    Explore Telemark from the bike seat. Here there are many nice roads either by the coast, along the Telemark Canal or on the mountain.
  5. Cycling at Hardangervidda
    A bike trip on the Hardangervidda in Telemark is a bike ride that suits all levels as well as young and old. The bike ride from Krossobanen at Rjukan to the Kalhovd tourist lodge is truly one of Norway's most beautiful bike rides with views to the majestic Mount Gausta and glimpse of wild reindeer if you are lucky.
  6. Cycling along the Telemark coast
    Enjoy Telemark’s beautiful archipelago, landscapes and culture with one of these cycling experiences

Cycling in Telemark

Top 4 cycling routes in Telemark

Frukt- og sluseruta

Frukt- og sluseruta

Cycling through one of the richest fruit regions in Norway.

Cycling the mystical Telemark

Cycling the mystical Telemark

A leisurly pace suits the cycle ride through the Land of Folk Tales in Hjartdal, Svartdal and Flatdal. Follow the river Hjartdøla into…

mountain bike trail in "Skien fritidspark" Skien leisure park

Bike activities in Skien leisurepark

The cycle paths at Skien fritidspark are easily accessible and varied, from the very easy to the technically demanding.


  1. Cycle routes
  2. Cycle-friendly accommodation
  3. Cycle rentals
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