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Practical information about cycling in Telemark

Practical information

  1. Packing list Bikepacking
    Going on a bikepacking tour. These are the things you should take with you on the trip.
  2. Trail-riding rules
    The Norwegian Organization for Mountain Biking (NOTS) is one of the players who work for mountain bikers to take into account both nature and other users. They have developed a set of Trail-riding rules that everyone on two wheels on the trail should follow.
  3. Bicycle Map
    Here you will find a bicycle map from Telemark
  4. Bicycle Rental
    Here you will find an overview of companies in Telemark that rent bicycles.
Bicycles for rent at Telemark Kanalcamping

Bicycles for rent at Telemark Kanalcamping

Quality bikes for all. We offer off-road bikes, hybrid bikes and electric bikes, as well as bikes for women and children. You may also…

Canvas Telemark - bicycle rent

Canvas Telemark - bicycle rent

It is possible to rent bicycles at the Canvas Hotel. We have the latest Trek bikes with front and rear cushioning.

"Sykkelknut" is repairing bicycles

Bicycle rental at the island Jomfruland

Bike rental and repair, storytelling and tourist information. On Knuts Bicycle rentals on Jomfruland you get almost everything!

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