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Cycling in Notodden


  1. Cycling paradise in the archipelago
    Cycle photographer and guide Thomas B. Svendsen found two pearls in the archipelago outside of Kragerø. One early morning he and his friend Morgan Bakken took the ferry to Tåtøy and after a lunch in Kragerø they traveled to Skåtøy.
  2. Cycling with Norway's fittest tourism director
    As a part of the bike initiative in Telemark I went with Caroline, director of tourism in Telemark, and Mona, counsellor of tourism in Telemark County, on a bike ride that has been awarded as one of the most beautiful bike rides in Norway.
  3. Three personalities on cycling in Telemark
    Cycling in Telemark, with its majestic and magnificent scenery, offers everything from easy to challenging terrain, fjords to steep mountains, and some great things to see along the way, such as stave churches and canal locks. You’ll find a story waiting around every corner, taking your cycling adventure to a new level!
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