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Cycling package 1, Hardangervidda


Nedre Stasjon, Krossobanen, 3660, Rjukan

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To cyckle Kraftvegen brings you into beautiful high mountain landscape at Hardangervidda
  • To cyckle Kraftvegen brings you into beautiful high mountain landscape at Hardangervidda
  • Map over Kraftvegen, Hardangervidda
  • Track profile, Kraftvegen
  • Cycling on Hardangervidda, Kraftvegen.
  • Cycling on Hardangervidda, Kraftvegen.
  • Many spots for drinking fresh water along the route at Kraftvegen on Hardangervidda.
  • Cycling on Kraftvegen is nominated as one of Norways most beautiful cycling routes.



  • medium


30 km



  • 1 day


Nature and terrain

  • gravel



  • June - September
Suits For:


Intended audience

  • Adults
  • Family with children

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With a cycling tour over Hardangervidda you’ll see spectacular views of hight mountains, ponds for fishing, and trickling streams as well as the majestic Gaustatoppen from clear weather days! In addition to being Norway’s largest national park, Hardangervidda guarantees you a unique nature experience.

Tour description
There is something very special about the start of the cycle tour. Krossobanen, the first cable car in Northern Europe, lifts you from Rjukan to the starting point at 886 meters above sea level.
Children and adults alike will find the first two kilometres heading towards Kalhovd the most challenging; here you have to climb a few hundred meters before you reach the tree line and the mountain opens up. Even though this stretch of road is slightly steep, it is well-signed and well-maintained.

In the remainder of the tour, cycling is easy and pleasant. The old construction road made from gravel is suitable for mountain bikes as well as hybrid bikes.

Having travelled 30 km in magnificent high mountain scenery, you arrive at Kalhovd tourist cabin for dinner and an overnight stay.

Returning to Rjukan can be done in the same way you came from or by cycling 30 km down to Atrå and 25 km back to Rjukan. It is important to keep in mind that you cycle along the national road from Atrå to Rjukan

The package includes:

- Up and down with Krossobanen
- Packed lunch from Mathuset Eyde
- Three-course dinner and breakfast at Kalhovd
- Accommodation in a 4-bed rom
- Sheet bag and towels

Price per adult: NOK 1990,
Children (12 and up): 1275, -
Bicycle rental: Intersport Rjukan, tlf 350 810 20
Gausta aktivitetssenter, tlf 350 914 22/ hello@gausta.com

Read more about bike rental here.

You can bring a bicycle in Krossobanen to cycle along Kraftvegen to Kalhovd tourist cabin. When using an electric bicycle, the battery must be able to be removed and placed in a fireproof box.
Read more about Kraftvegen here.

Accommodation and dining
When traveling to Rjukan, it may be worthwhile to add an overnight stay so that the cycle tour can begin in the morning. There is an accommodation option to suit every taste in Rjukan.
There are guesthouses, cabins and a hotel just 2 km from the starting point of the cycle tour. Contact our tourist office for further information.



  • Airport - 3 hours from Torp airport
  • By car - 2 hours 40 min from Oslo
  • Ferry - 2 hours 45 min from Langesund
  • length in km - 30 km


  • 1 day


  • medium

Intended audience

  • Adults
  • Family with children

Nature and terrain

  • gravel


  • June - September


Map & Directions


Tel: 35 08 05 50

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Krossobanen is open all yearKrossobanen, TinnKrossobanen was built in 1928 and was a gift from Norsk Hydro, so the townspeople could get up to see the sun during the winter.