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Henrik Ibsen


  1. family at Henrik Ibsen Museum Venstøp
    Henrik Ibsen was born in Skien on 20 March 1828. His childhood home is just a few kilometers north of Skien city centre.
  2. Snipetorp is the only authentic urban environment that survives from Henrik Ibsen’s time in Skien.
  3. Lie cemetery with Lietorvet shopping center in Skien, was given in 1841 as a gift from Chr. H. Blom to Skien church.
  4. Picture from " Ibentrappa" in the centre of Skien
    The Ibsen Steps were restored in April 1995.
  5. Ibsenhuset was officially opened on 9 September 1973 and at the time was Norway’s most modern cultural centre.
  6. The first owner of Altenburggården was probably Johan Altenburg, Henrik Ibsen's grandfather.
  7. In this building, in the corner room on the 2nd floor, Henrik Ibsen was born.
  8. Teater Ibsen works to create experiences you will remember!
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