Explore Telemark



On a sunny day

  1. Travel from island to island in Telemark
    Experience the wonderful islands in the Langesund archipelago. You can jump from island to island, walk or cycle around on idyllic paths and roads.
  2. Great swimming area by the Eidangerfjord at Olavsberget camping in Porsgrunn. Large grassy area, diving tower, jetty and service facilities with toilets.
  3. Unique concrete activity park for skateboarding, in-line skating and BMX at Kjølnes in Porsgrunn.
  4. Popular playground for children in Rådhusparken in Porsgrunn with watermirror that turnes to a ice rink in winter.
  5. Mule Varde in Porsgrunn is publicly owned, and after extensive restorations, Mule Varde appears today as an open garden of splendor.
  6. town of Brevik
    Brevik in Porsgrunn municipality is one of the best preserved coastal towns.