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Paddling i Nautesund


Sauheradvegen 1344, 3683, Notodden

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Length: 3 km
Duration: 1 hour
Level: Easy
Suitable for: Adult, child, senior

The tour is suitable for those who only have paddled a little before and families, if there is no wind. Be aware that there may be waves in windy conditions.

We recommend to start the trip by crossing the canal, then paddle along the mountain past the old channel pier Gvannes pier. The place was used as an expression space for timber.

The tour continues along the reeds / bird area and here it can be quite shallow. You meet two islands called Little and Large crow. It's nice to take a lunch break at Little Crow. Paddle around large crow on the way back and always remember to paddle close to shore. The tour is about 3 km. Good trip!

Starting Point
Starting point of this tour is on Lystang camping. You can drive down to the water, but you are not a guest here before, so stop by the front desk and ask if you are allowed to park. It can be filled with overnight guests who have taken up the place.


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