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The Tinnoset line, Bratsbergline and Notodden railway station

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The Tinnoset line was opened with pomp and ceremony by King Haakon VII august 9th 1909, attending guest was among the noblest in Norway, and at the very top on the podium was Sam Eyde.
The line goes from Tinnoset to Notodden and is 31km long, it moves through beautiful and dramatic landscapes. On the steepest parts of the line, the incline is 28‰, and among the steepest in Norway. At Tinnoset the trains were transported across Lake Tinnsjøen on ferries, before arriving at Mæl, where the Rjukanline begins.
The first use of the line was transporting materials to Rjukan, during the construction period, later the line transported fertilizer from Rjukan to Notodden, before the shipping continued on the Telemark canal.
When the Tinnoset line was electrified in 1911, it became the first electric standard gauge railroad in Norway.

The Bratsberg line, or the route between Notodden and Skien, was opened in 1920 and replaced the Telemark Canals fertilizer freight traffic. The railway station that connects the two lines, Notodden new railway station, was completed in 1917 and opened in 1919. The station building is a typical large type Norwegian city station, with a Baroque revival décor. The overhead line and carrying poles are original from 1917. Notodden railway station is the last stop on the Bratsberg line, with daily departures to Skien and Porsgrunn


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