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Dusanfossen waterfall

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3671, Notodden

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Dusanfossen in Notodden
  • Dusanfossen in Notodden
  • Dusanfossen in Notodden

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This trip takes you from the parking area along RV37 Bolkesjøvegen in Jondalen and into Dusanfossen. The hike follows an old forest road but is not marked. The trip takes about half an hour each way.

Route to Dusanfossen
The road leads you through a varied marsh and forest landscape, with several small and larger streams trickling through the area. The forest road ends approximately 200 meters before the waterfall, but you can easily find your way by following the sound of the waterfall. When you finally reach Dusanfossen, you will be greeted by a beautiful waterfall with rapids and powerful currents continuing downstream.

Opportunities for swimming and fishing
This is a great place to visit year-round. In the summer, you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the water, while the rest of the year, you can try your luck fishing in the river.

Access and parking
From Notodden city center, drive towards Kongsberg on E134. Follow the signs to Bolkesjø and continue for 22 kilometers along FV602. Turn right at Bolkesjø and follow RV37 for 3.5 kilometers. Parking is available on the left side of the road.



  • creek angling
  • forest hiking
  • river bathing


  • easy

Nature and terrain

  • forest area
  • river
  • waterfall


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