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  1. To experience the rich cultural heritage and traditions of West Telemark, VTM-Eidsborg is an excellent place to start.
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  2. Eidsborg stave church, Vest-Telemark Museum.
    Charming, small stave church. Located by West Telemark Museum in Eidsborg.
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  3. Jazz lovers flock to New Orleans, Elvis fans congregate in Memphis, ski enthusiasts travel to the little mountain valley of Morgedal.
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  4. Aamdals Verk Mines, Vest-Telemark Museum.
    Exciting copper mine in a small community built upp due to mining.
    1. Here at Grimdalstunet you can get a glimpse into the home of the artist Anne Grimdalen. A mountain farm from the 1600s which today houses a museum with art gallery.
      1. Kviteseid Local History Museum.
        What did a prosperous farm in West-Telemark look like about 200 years ago? At Kviteseid museum of local history you will find the answer.
        1. The valley of Smørklepp in Vinje made a lasting impression on the famous Norwegian artist Henrik Sørensen.
          1. Sculptures by Dyre Vaa, Dyre Vaa Sculptural Art Collection - Rauland Kunstmuseum
            The museum shows sculptures, paintings, graphic art and drawings by the famous artist Dyre Vaa (1903-1980).
            1. Knut Skinnarland Sculptural Art Collection - Rauland Kunstmuseum, Vest-Telemark Museum.
              The Skinnarland Collection houses more than 100 works of art by sculptor Knut Skinnarland and a replica of his studio in Rauland.
              1. From Øyfjell bygdemuseum
                Øyfjell museum of local history has a rich collection of tools, traditional costumes, fine examples of rose painting and various curiosities.
                1. Fyresdal Local History Museum
                  Fyresdal village museum is situated in Øyskogen (the island forest), which is an attractive park area in the centre of Fyresdal.
                  1. Myllarheimen in Arabygdi, Vinje, is the home of the artist and fiddler Torgeir Augundson (1801-1872), better known as the "Millerboy".

                    Welcome to West-Telemark Museum

                    1. Is the storehouse of the legendary woman Åse Stålekleiv the oldest profane wooden building in the world? The traditional storehouse situated here at Vindlaus, is a part of the Museum of Vest-Telemark in Eidsborg. It is, however, not like any other traditional storehouse. It has a unique story behind it which goes far back in time.
                    2. The Statkraft exhibit centre at the museum in Eidsborg tells the story of hydro power construction in Southern Norway.
                      1. From the Winter, Sondre's cabin with original skis outside
                        The history of Sondre Norheim begins in Morgedal, Telemark.
                      2. Kviteseid Old Church lies close to Kviteseid Bygdetun museum, on a beautiful plateau near the fjord.
                        1. little boy locks a boat on the miniature version of the telemark canal in the canal park at Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg
                          Activity park for the whole family - with a 1:1000 model of the Telemark Canal. Be a lock master or a steam ship captain! Many other acitivities.
                          1. For 1000 years Tokke has had an export industry of whetstones. For Norwegian Vikings whetstone from Eidsborg was an effective weapon for throwing as the historic sagas tell us.

                          What's On

                          Culture walks

                          Mjonøy - Vinje biletgalleri

                          Mjonøy - Vinje biletgalleri

                          A walk through beautiful landscape and The Vinje gallery. This is an easy walk in part of the Vinje cultural landscape. 

                          The whetstone walk

                          The whetstone walk

                          Exciting hiking route from Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg to the historic whetstone quarry.

                          In the footsteps of the girls from Rui

                          In the footsteps of the girls from Rui

                          A walk packed full of culture and history.


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                          2. Eidsborg
                          3. Morgedal
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