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The city of Porcelain

  1. Handmade porcelain
    Welcome to the Porcelain Museum where tradition is combined with digital technology and dialogue. An unique porcelain experience in Porsgrunn!
    1. 22 Aug 202218 Dec 2022
  2. little boy sitting on a porcelain car at Porsgrund's Porcelain Factory
    Norway's only porcelain factory, Porsgrund's Porcelain Factory, is located in Porsgrunn and is known for high quality and innovative design.
    1. 1 Jan 202231 Dec 2022
  3. The entrance to the Auction Hall in Porsgrunn
    Auksjonshallen in Porsgrunn combines an auction house and antique shop.
    1. 1 Jan 202231 Dec 2022
  4. Porcelain decorator at Porsgrund's Porcelain Factory
    At Porsgrund's Porcelain Factory, you can see how porcelain painters decorate porcelain, including the world-famous straw pattern.
  5. See the intriguing ‘Stations’ installation in the centre of Porsgrunn.
  6. At Tollboden Porcelain Collection in Porsgrunn you will find unique porcelain and original watercolors and decorations by famous Norwegian artists.
  7. Learn more about the natural history of our planet.