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Lystang Glamping


Sauheradvegen 1344, 3683, Notodden

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Overview of Lystang Glamping on a summer evening
  • Overview of Lystang Glamping on a summer evening
  • Interior of a glamping tent at Lystang Glamping
  • Interior of a glamping tent at Lystang Glamping
  • friends sitting in front of Glamping tent in the evening overlooking the water
  • the glamping tents on Lystang Glamping with a good distance to each other and a view of the water
  • guests enjoy themselves on the lawn by the water at Lystang Glamping in Notodden
  • Cabins at Lystang Glamping
  • decor in the cabins of Lystang Glamping
  • Kitchen tent with plates, glasses and other kitchen equipment at Lystang Glamping
  • girl on a paddle board at Lystang Glamping


At Lystang Glamping, you can rent furnished glamping tents for 2-5 people (6 with an extra bed) situated idyllically with west-facing views of Heddalsvatnet, which is part of the Telemark watercourse. Here, it's all about glamping, not camping, with no motorhomes, caravans, or private tents. All tents have proper beds with duvets/pillows (bed linen can be rented), fan heater and wood stove in each tent, discreetly placed portable toilet, private grill, and outdoor furniture. The tents are cozy, dry, and super comfortable regardless of the weather! The glamping site is located at Holtsås, about 15 minutes south of Notodden and 25 minutes from Bø in Telemark. The atmosphere is truly magical when the glamping tents stand like luminous cones in the sunset. Here you'll also find 5 cozy cabins, a service building, and a kitchen tent with proper tableware, and the staff takes care of the dishes!

Free parking is available near the tents.

Food Offerings:
Breakfast basket or tapas platter (can be ordered for 2-person tents and subject to availability).
Salad (with ham or chicken) can be ordered.
Groups of at least 5 can order dinner (subject to availability).
Or you can prepare your own food in the kitchen tent or buy a Grill Package (charcoal, lighter fluid, spices/oil, and grill cleaning).

Rental of rowboat and paddleboard (life jackets provided), or borrow a set of lawn bowling or board games. Various outdoor toys for children.

Quiet dogs are allowed in the cabins and some of the tents (for a fee).

Service building with 2 bathrooms with a total of 4 showers and 4 toilets. Towels are provided with free access 24/7. Dishwashing area where guests place used tableware and kitchen utensils they have borrowed. The staff takes care of the dishes! There is a relatively steep slope from the tents closest to the water up to the service building, but there is a portable toilet in each tent.

Here you can buy breakfast rolls (must be pre-ordered), ice cream, some snacks, sandwich fillings, juice, and mineral water.

Kitchen tent
All guests can freely take tableware and proper glasses. Free tea lights/coffee/tea, etc. You can borrow a hot plate, pots, and other basic kitchen equipment, a coffee maker, and a microwave.

Event tent for groups renting the entire glamping site
Available upon request.

Grill hut
Seats 12 people. It gets too hot for a fire/grilling in the grill hut in the middle of summer, but it can still be used for social gatherings for a smaller group.

Distance to attractions, etc.
Telemark is a summer paradise for cyclists, hikers, families with children, and those interested in history, music, and culture. Here you'll find varied nature with snow-capped peaks, spruce-covered fairy-tale ridges, wide fruit orchards, lakes, and canals. And many events and attractions in the summer. You can bring your bike on one of the canal boats up through the locks of the Telemark canal, or hike on trails and in the mountains. Take the children to Bø Sommarland, or visit UNESCO's World Heritage sites in Notodden or Rjukan. Or just relax outside the glamping tent with good food and drink while the holiday peace settles in.


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Tel: 45 29 58 36

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