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Torvgata 1, 3770, Kragerø

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Sannidal, along with Kil, has the oldest urban settlement in the Kragerø municipality. Here you will find, among other things, the municipality's only shopping center, as well as beautiful nature and a rich history. Sannidal is a focal point for Kragerø, and at Tangen in Sannidal, the area is connected to E-18 which runs towards Oslo and Kristiansand, as well as highways 351 and 38 which ends in Portør and Drangedal.

Culture and History
Sannidal was a farming community in the olden days and you will find many beautiful farms here. At the same time, Sannidal also had an opening to shipping and the trade that followed it via the long Kilsfjord on the southern side of Kragerø town. Sannidal Church is a beautiful old wooden church that was completed September 1, 1772. The church has an extensive and exciting story that you can read more about here.

Sannidal bygdetun/”Sannidal farm yard” is only a short walk further along the old "southern" road and is well worth a visit. At the old farm yard site you will find a number of old buildings from the 1700s and 1800s. Each building has information boards in english so you can read about their history! 

Experience Sannidals nature
Sannidal is a paradise for anyone who likes hunting, fishing and walks in the woods and fields! Not to mention a dip in the fresh water. Tveitereid and Tyvann, which are located along the access road to Kragerø (when you take off the E18 at Gjerdemyra) are both good alternatives. The first bathing place is located after signs towards Tveiterreid. Drive down a hill and around a turn and you are there!

Tyvann is located approx. 100 meters from the garden center “Plantasjen”. 

From Tangen in Sannidal and on the way inwards towards Stabbestad, lies Kjølebrønn. Here you can enjoy hiking and it is a great area for canoeing. In the magazine UTE, the Kjølebrønd waters are mentioned as No. 3 under «10 favorite canoetrips!». The trip is a great weekend trip on many small and idyllic waters and ponds through typical southern Norway forests. Read more here! 

Ilsjø is a nice water for fishing, swimming and canoeing, and you may also experience beavers as there are several beaver cabins here. It is the second largest lake in Kragerø and the largest in the “Kjølebrønnsvassdraget”, and there are several idyllic small islands that you can go ashore on. Ilsjø is one of two watercourses in Kølebrønn, which is called Ilsjøvassdraget. It is 35 meters above sea level and is a long water flowing into Mørlandskjenna 14 meters above sea level. You can find a hikingmap here!

If you are interested in geocaching, or just want a nice trip, you can go on a trip called "Historic Hiking in Kjølebrønn". The tour goes over Byttekollen in Kjølebrønn, takes about 2 hours to hike and contains 20 caches. Read more about the trip here!

Breivann is also one of many good options for freshwater enthusiasts. You arrive at Breivann by driving a few kilometers from Tangen in the direction of Stabbestad.

Activities and facilities in Sannidal.
At the charming Miljøgården in Sannidal they offer a wide variety of services. It is idyllic ally placed with lots of sun and surrounded by beautiful nature. Here you can enjoy a better meal, get a skin care or massage treatment, get your hair done at the place's hairdresser or maybe throw your own event here. Miljøgården also offers accommodation in the form of an apartment that accommodates up to four guests.

The Micro Cabins in Kragerø are cozy and charming little cabins that are wonderfully integrated into the surrounding nature in creative ways. Located at Moen Ranch in Kurdøla, this 17th-century smallholding has been revived after having been left to detetiorate for a man's age. The farm is idyllically situated in scenic areas 3 km from the main road towards the border with Drangedal. By car, it is 10 minutes to E18 and only 20 minutes to Kragerø city center. In addition of the spectacular accomodations, you can also make use of Moen Ranch's wide offering of facilities and activities. They have for instance a private undisturbed beach near the cabins and reliable “Hasle” canoes for rent, to name a few. Read more about the Micro Cabins here!

On the road between Tangen and Kragerø you drive through idyllic Kil, located in the heart of Kilsfjorden. In beautiful old premises, approx. 50m from the pier, you will find Wesselgården Spiseri and the Brewery. Here, the two Danish founders now serve craft food made (from scratch) of the best produce that local farmers can deliver.

Kragerø's only shopping center, Amfi Kragerø, is located in Sannidal, right at the exit off of E18. The center has 18 shops, including a great Coop Extra store, bakery, a fast food shop, and a Skeidar store consisting of three floors with furniture and interior. In Sannidal you will also find petrol stations, car dealerships and a great garden center named Plantasjen. 

In Kjølebrønn, approx. halfway between Tangen and Stabbestad, you will find Kragerø Equestrian center. If you are a horse enthusiast, you can benefit from the trip here. Here you will find plenty of offers and activities for those who are interested in horses. Kragerø Equestrian center also offers accommodation and several riding camps are organized here. Read more about Kragerø riding center here!







General facilities

  • ATM cash machine
  • bakery
  • café
  • shop
  • snack bar

Museums, Galleries and crafts

  • cultural history
  • Culture
  • local history

Nature and terrain

  • angling
  • bathing spot
  • hiking area
  • lake
  • water

Other services

  • groceries
  • hairdresser
  • jewellery
  • petrol station
  • pharmacy


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Tel: 35 98 62 00

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girl riding a dark horseKragerø Ridesenter (Equestrian Centre), KragerøKragerø Ridesenter can offer equestrian training for all levels.

Geocaching in Kragerø, KragerøGeocaching in Kragerø is a great way to get better acquainted with the city and the forest areas.

Kil, SannidalKil, KragerøKil together with Sannidal, are the oldest urban settlements in Kragerø municipality. A stroll through the narrow streets among the many restored and cozy houses where atmosphere from bygone days are still present is a real must.

Micro Cabins, KragerøThe micro cabins are small cabins in the forest, with nature as the nearest neighbour. All the cabins are unique in both location, shape, theme and interior.

Miljøgården DA, KragerøThe idyllic 'Miljøgården' used to be a small farm, but the barn has now been converted to a restaurant/conference facility and the smaller buildings on the property are now charming appartments available for booking.

Miljøgården DA, KragerøThe idyllic 'Miljøgården' used to be a small farm, but the barn has now been converted to a restaurant/conference facility and the smaller buildings on the property are now charming appartments available for booking.