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Kragerø Town Hall

Type:Building/cultural environment

Rådhusgata 5, 3770, Kragerø

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Kragerø Town Hall was originally a mansion owned by a ship owner Biørn and his family. It was built in 1867. The architect of the building was Emil Victor Langlet, who designed the Norwegian Parliament building. The building was largely reconstructed in 1884.

This fabulous building provided a place for daily work and exclusive parties. The most outstanding party was held one day in 1891, when King Oscar II visited Kragerø. He arrived at Biørn's pier from the sea and was welcomed by the Biørn family at the entrance of the house. In the 1900s the economy of Biørn's company gradually weakened, and some parts of the house were rented out to several different companies such as a bank.

In 1941, Kragerø municipality bought the building for 60,000 Norwegian kroner. The most parts of the building were rented out until 1952 when the municipality decided the building to be a town hall. Reconstructions had been carried out throughout years to make the building functioning well as it does today.

On the ground floor you will find a service centre of the Town Hall. It provides information and guidance for the public services. The service centre is also a kind of tourist office! 

The statue "The Dream about the Sea" made by Sigurd Nome stands in front of the Town Hall.


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Tel: 35 98 62 00

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