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The Coastal Path in Kragerø

Type:Coastal trails

3770, Kragerø

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The coastal path is a great opportunity to experience Norway's beautiful nature on foot.
Most of the coastal path goes along the magnificent Norwegian coast, and where that`s not possible due to settlements it swings into the beautiful forest and lush nature.
The idea for ​​the coastal trail was to use the old road systems that once went along the seaside.
In Kragerø, we see remains of old roadways many places in the municipality, but only in short bits. Most of it is under private piers and lawns. Therefore, the coastal path in Kragerø partly goes through the beautiful inland nature. The coastal path is a project that start in Oslo and ends in Stavanger.

The coastal path in Kragerø
In Kragerø, the coastal path runs from the border of Bamble in the northeast to Risør's southern border and is 42 km in total.
The trail is divided into three distances through Kragerø: Fossing - Helle, Helle - Kragerø and Kragerø (Stabbestad) - Ellingsvika.
A small folder has been printed for each of these distances with maps and a description of the trip.
It is easy to find the coastal path as it is marked with the official blue coastal path mark on low poles, trees, rocks, etc.
At junctions, it is also often marked with signs. The trail goes mostly along roads and uses the paths that exist, and along the way there are directions to detours to viewpoints and picnic areas.
The coastal path in Kragerø offers idyllic forest trails past tranquil freshwater, beautiful scenery in stunning nature along the idyllic Kragerø coast, possible detours to heights with stunning views and bathing areas suitable for a break, as well as attractions such as the Berg Museum and Strømtangen Lighthouse. The last stage Kragerø (Stabbestad) - Ellingsvika involves a ferry from Kragerø city center - Stabbestad. This last stage is also the longest stretch and most people divide it into two. One suggestion may be to take the first part from Stabbestad to Rapen and then the last part from Rapen to Ellingsvika. It's about 12 km from Stabbestad to Rapen and the hike takes approx. 3.5 hours.

Here you will find the three coastal path brochures above each other, just scroll down to get to the next. The maps of the coastal path in Kragerø can also be borrowed at Kragerø Library or purchased at the Service Center or the book store in Kragerø city center. A digital map of the route can be found here
Ferry timetables for the ferries / Kragerø - Stabbestad can be found here!


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